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As Özpolat Grain Processing Technologies, we are proud to be here with our 56 years of experience in milling machinery technologies and our state-of-the-art products.

As of today, more than 300 reference factories are operating successfully in 40 countries including Germany, Austria, Brazil, France, South Korea, Iraq, Egypt and Russia.

Our areas of expertise are: Wheat Mills, Corn Mills, Feed Mills, Lentil Mills, Bulgur Plants, Rice Plants and Grain Cleaning, Storage Machines.

We design all our machines with featured software and manufacture them virtually. We operate all our products for 10, 20, 30, 40 years and detect parts that may become fatigued or lose their functionality. According to the results of our tests, we redesign our machines and start production only after we are convinced that we will produce the perfect machines. This is how we manufacture the longest-lasting and permanent machines in our industry.

We are not only a machine manufacturer, but also an engineering company. Since we design all our facilities and produce the machines ourselves, all our machines work simultaneously in a tremendous harmony and efficiency in the facilities we have established. This is how we ensure the high efficiency in the factories we have established and the constant and lowest energy consumption during operation.

With our offices in 15 major cities of the world and our 24/7 service support line, we are always very close to you for anything you need.

We would be pleased to contact you and give you more detailed information about our company and our products.

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To create a world where no grain grown in the world is wasted, no food or feed is felt in any continent, no hunger is experienced, and everyone has access to healthy food and feed.


To be the first and most reliable company that comes to mind when it comes to processing any grain in the production of both human food and animal feed in all countries.

Özpolat Makina