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Social Responsibility

As a family business founded in 1966 and operating on every continent in the world, we feel responsible to the society.

To those who make us who we are in every new technology we develop and every product we produce; in other words, we think about how we can contribute more to our employees, our city, our beautiful country and our world.

First of all, we work to enrich society and the environment. All the new technologies we produce actually serve the same purpose: to use our grains more efficiently. We are working on how to clean them more easily, how to process them faster, how to make them more efficient, how to transform them into foods and feeds with higher nutritional value, without disturbing their essence and naturalness.

We use even the food wastes of grains in the feed factories we have established and establish economic and nutritious animal feed production facilities. Thus, we believe that we have positive contributions to both farmers, livestock farmers and economic life all over the world.

We are always sensitive to nature while producing in our facilities: We have NO toxic waste in our factory.

We have provided employment for thousands of people in 55 years, and we continue to do so. We love to apply positive discrimination in recruitment: We support our women and refugees to be involved in economic life.

We strive to train intermediate (non) staff: We accept interns from technical high schools and universities every year. We provide occupational and occupational safety training to all our employees. In addition, we fully support all our employees to receive a high level of training.
We also provide voluntary contributions to charities in our city.