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Work Ethic

As our founder Mehmet Şerif Özpolat always said in his health: The right wall cannot be destroyed.

Honesty, honesty, ethics; These are the basic principles of Ozpolat.

As required by our industry, we develop sensitive technologies; We have trademark registrations, patents and utility models. As ÖZPOLAT, we respect the patents, products and rights of other companies; We expect the same respect from all our colleagues.

We want to compete with our competitors not with price but with product quality.

All imitations keep the truth: people claiming our slogans, brands and products does not make us angry, on the contrary, we are proud of our work.

We always put the interests of our customers above our own, and we never make promises we cannot keep. We also keep all our promises. For us, staying friendly with our customers is more important than our trade.

It cannot be a coincidence that we have established the 2nd or even the 3rd factory of the same customer or we have been constantly ahead in our sector for 54 years; As Özpolat Makina family, we have been successfully carrying the heavy responsibility of our brand being our surname for 55 years.